Factory Entertainment at San Diego Comic-Con

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Case Study: Factory Entertainment at San Diego Comic-Con International


Established in 2009 by industry veterans, Factory Entertainment designs, creates and markets iconic licensed toys and collectibles based on motion pictures, television shows, recording artists, and other pop culture luminaries. Throughout the year, Factory Entertainment debuts new high-end collectible items inspired by the year’s hottest properties including Deadpool, DC, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, and others.

Factory Entertainment hired McKendall Communications to provide strategy and consultation surrounding the debut of new high-end collectible products debuting at several national and international trade shows, including San Diego Comic-Con International.

San Diego Comic-Con is the preeminent comic convention in the world. This four-day event draws on average 200,000 attendees annually from across the globe to explore over a million square feet of space; to take part in a massive programming schedule featuring comics and all aspects of the popular arts; anime, film screenings, meet-and-greet opportunities, award ceremonies, and academic presentations, as well as art shows, costume competitions and portfolio reviews.

Challenge: In an environment rich in media opportunities, our task was to set Factory Entertainment apart from the rest amidst the daily din of vast numbers of presenters, all vying for the Comic-Con media spotlight. We generated media buzz and secured major placements for Factory Entertainment in local, national and international media.

Tactics: We succeeded for our client by employing a number of methods. First, we created a media relations plan that generated excitement about Factory Entertainment’s new products and encouraged booth visits by members of the media.

Second, we conducted a large-scale, media outreach campaign both nationally and internationally. We highlighted Factory Entertainment’s line of Comic-Con exclusive products, as well as a book signing by William Shatner (Captain Kirk of Star Trek) at the Factory Entertainment booth during the event. We capitalized on this event and used the opportunity to meet Mr. Shatner as an enticement to members of the media, and leveraged this opportunity as a natural inroad to get media attention for our client. We conducted outreach to all members of the press attending Comic-Con and also relied upon our own relationships with a stable of key media contacts.


Results:   McKendall Communications exceeded its media relations goals. We booked over 30 media booth visits over the course of the event and secured top tier placements in major media as a result of our outreach, including the Associated Press, MTV, The Nerdist, Us Weekly Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and local affiliates in Los Angeles and San Diego. The outcome of McKendall Communications’ efforts resulted in an eye-popping total of over 206 million impressions.